Sharers Love Sharing Rides with JustShareIt

And we love sharers who share. That’s why we give sharers 5% off every booking just for sharing their rides.

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Listing is free, and your ride will be available for borrowers to request in minutes.

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Set Price

You're in control when it comes to price. Set an hourly, daily and weekly rate. JustShareIt takes 35% out of the list price to pay for insurance and service for cars, 40% for other vehicles and watercraft.


Accept Bookings

You determine who borrows your vehicle and when. Read the Borrower's reviews or send a message. When you’re satisfied, just press "Accept".


Get Paid

We track the number of hours and miles that Borrowers use your ride so you can sit back, relax and collect payments at the end of each month.

Your ride is our ride—and we treat it that way. That’s why we make sure you’re covered:

Ready to share? Well come on then!

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